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Eyelash Extensions

Frequently Asked Eyelash Extension Questions:


  How long will they last?


There are many factors that go into the lifetime of your lashes. #1 Personal care, #2 Size and type of lash (the longer and thicker the lash the more strain on your natural lash).


We guarantee your lashes for 2 weeks, however the time between your application and the loss of your last lash can be up to 8 weeks. To maintain the voluminous look, we recommend "fills" every 2-4 weeks.


Think of your lashes like you would acrylic nails, they need "fills" or "touch ups" in order to maintain your full set!


  Will they damage my natural lashes?


When applied properly, lash extensions will not harm natural lashes. This application is done by separating each individual lash and applying a single hair extension, one by one.

We believe in product integrity.  All products are formaldehyde-free.  Our glue is manufactured in the U.S.A. following regulatory guidelines.


We naturally loose our own lashes in a 6-8 week cycle. Your extension will fall out with the natural lash cycle, as your lash grows back, a new extension will be applied on your next visit.


Remember...Our lashes are all on a different timing during the growth cycle, no two lashes will grow at exactly the same speed.


  How do I care for the Lash Extensions?


Personal care is key!

Oil-Free products are necessary for care. We can suggest many over the counter products that are both good for your lashes and your budget.  Professional care products are available for purchase.


Gentle cleansing around eye line area.


Limited used of steam rooms and sauna.


Mascara is not recommended, but if it is needed for a special night out, water-based mascara is best.


Still Curious?


We know that with new beauty trends come a lot of questions. Feel free to call us and speak directly with one of our highly trained staff.


All treatment providers are JB Certified and California State Licensed.